A short History

Ai was born in the first half of the ‘70, as the natural development of the original professional firm operating since the ‘30.

Initially activities were concentrated in the building sector, with the addition of MEP engineering to traditional architectural and structural aspects. This know-how allows Ai to be one of the main actors of the Italian residential “boom” throughout the 1975-1985 decade. During this period, Ai introduced, probably for the first time in Italy, industrialised construction concepts in residential buildings (such as “tunnel formworks” and “banches et tables”), as well as prefabrication systems, which has become so common only in more recent times.

The following decade sees the expansion of its know-how in the field of infrastructures, including roads, hydraulics and, again as pioneer in Italy, environmental impact appraisals.

The consolidation of the various specializations has been developed in the most recent decade, with special attention to project management and the engineering of the architectural concept of buildings, often in partnership with internationally renown architects.

Ai Engineering S.r.l, from 2007 to 2012, it’s present in the United Arab Emirates with the Abu Dhabi Branch, carrying out an intense global consultancy activity, from the concept to the control of the works, for large-scale building works.

After more than 40 years the challenge is today dealing with the most complex and prestigious projects in Italy, starting from the high-rise buildings. The most recent history is represented by the increasingly careful approach to the aspects of sustainability and the new frontiers of design.