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CASACLIMA striscia

CasaClima (also known as KlimaHaus) is a method of buildings energy certification since 2002 in accordance with the EEC Directive 2002/91/EC.

More than 3,800 buildings, distributed throughout the national territory, have been certified KlimaHouse and more than 800 projects are being certified up to now. KlimaHouse Agency is an independent public organ certifier, accredited as a certifier order in 2005 by the Province of Bolzano and manages the whole certification process, by carrying out checks on projects and licensing KlimaHouse certifiers to take appropriate inspections. After a final examination, the Agency shall issue the energy certificate and its license KlimaHouse plate.
KlimaHouse is based on values such as energy conservation and environmental sustainability and has the goal to  promote the widespread use of innovative technologies and environmentally friendly materials.

Certification is voluntary (compulsory for new buildings in the province of Bolzano). KlimaHouse Certificate shows the main information for the evaluation of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of a building and also immediately highlights its amount of heat demanded. It has two energy classifications: the first one concerns building heat insulation class, the second one is about plant engineering quality. Temperature index of heat is determined, through a process of unitary  computation, according to major factors from an energetic point of view. With the help of a table divided into colored boxes, from green (low energy demand) to red (high demand), you are able to understand – also visually – if a building consumes much or little energy.

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