Hydraulics works

Lavori Idraulici striscia

Interventions of hydraulic accommodation are carried out in an independent way with the support of other fields for specific problems solution (structural calculations, traffic, environmental and forestry topics.).

Perfect knowledge of the area, crucial for such interventions design, it’s gained through careful and repetitive inspections as well as with analysis of aerial views supported, where necessary, by topographic details.

Hydraulic feedbacks, which classify areas in terms of hydraulic hazard, are carried out by using modern and powerful hardware and software that allow mono and bi-dimensional sections of watercourses simulations and their floodplain segments.

Results of these simulations also allow river banks protection sizing works and flood containment.

During the last few years were analyzed important watercourses in Piedmont, such as:

  • Tanaro river in Felizzano, Solero and Rivarone;
  • – Bormida river in Sezzadio and Gamalero;
  • Pellice stream in Bobbio Pellice, Torre Pellice, Bricherasio, Cavour and Garzigliana;
  • – Chisone stream in Usseaux and Fenestrelle;
  • – Ceronda stream in Druento.
  • – In the Lower Susa Valley have been designed interventions on the entire shaft of Prebech stream in Chianocco.