Infrastructural networks

Interventi Infrastrutturali striscia

In this context, Ai plays a supporting activity to other department of Ai or to external clients for essentially addressing and solving two kinds of problems.

In the infrastructure (road system networks, drainage and sewerage, water supply, fire-fighting networks facilities projects, public lighting and power distribution), for new residential areas or urban reorganization master plans, for new industrial and commercial areas or specific destination (malls, freight terminals, etc.).
About this theme, the relevant interventions developed by the Company are the urbanization works in the following areas:
– “Macchiorlatti” in Borgaro, “Ex-Elbi” in Collegno, “PEC – Via Alfieri” in Rivalta (in the surroundings of Torino);
– “Lancia“, “Teksid – Spina 3“, “Continassa” e Juventus Stadium” in the city of Torino;
– “PIP/ANIC-A” in Borgovercelli (Vercelli);
– “Is Molas” in Sardinia Island.

Analysis of underground  interfering with new buildings and roadways with design evaluations for their displacement.
Torrente Bisagno coverage restoration in Genova;
– Metro of Torino;
District Heating Network in the north area of Torino;
– Regional Road n. 229 “del lago d’Orta”,  alternative route of Omegna (Verbania)

Worldwide importance are the works of infrastructural of “La piastra – The basement to support the entire system of pavilions and services for the Universal Exhibition EXPO MILANO 2015 in the Rho-Pero (Milano).
Ai in fact, was responsible for the detailed design and construction of infrastructure works (stormwater disposal, sewage, electrical and fluid mechanical networks, public lighting, foundations, clusters, etc.)