Buildings performance optimization

Among the various activities include:

• Green Energy Audit
• Specialized Services LEED (eco-charrette supporting integrated design, energy modeling and dynamics)
• LEED ND (sustainable areas and communities)
• Energetic analysis
• Natural lighting Analysis
• Shadows study
• Fluid dynamic Simulation
• CHP (combined heat and electricity production)
• Renewable energy sources analysis
• Acoustic analysis
• LCA analysis

LCA analisys: life cycle analysis
Life Cycle Assessment Studies (LCA)  aim to lay scientific bases for the achievement of environmental product certifications intended to obtain certifications such as the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).
EPD, defined by international regulations as “ecological labeling of type III”, is a document that allows you to communicate believable and objective data relating to products and services environmental performance.

It is a tool designed to facilitate environmental business between producers, distributors and consumers. The EPD for construction products allows to obtain extra points for projects that are going to get LEED® certification.

Activity is structured as follows:
• an initial screening to identify the product category which will be environmentally featured;
• an LCA study for the selected product;
• support in the path towards certification achievement of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) of its activities, or carbon footprint;
• support in the path towards obtaining EDP certification