ITACA striscia

ITACA Protocol is a tool that certifies environmental sustainability level for residential buildings and offices. Promoted by Italian Regions and managed by a specific committee which includes representatives of iiSBE Italy – nonprofit organization that promotes the diffusion of politics and tools for the creation of a sustainable built environment – non profit organization which promotes the diffusion of politics and tools to create a sustainable built environment – and of ITC-CNR, it is based on the SB Method of iiSBE, international multicriteria evaluation methodology. ITACA Protocol is configured as a declined protocols federation on a regional basis and characterized by methodological tools and common scientific and technical requirements. ITACA Protocol so far:

• has been identified as a tool environmental energy certification tool by Marche;
• is the evaluation reference tool for the House Plan in Piemonte;
• is the guideline for environmental sustainability evaluation in Toscana, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Basilicata;
• is a reference tool for economic incentive activities of bioclimatic buildings in Lombardia;
• is used in several initiatives to promote sustainable construction in many Italian regions.

A building environmental sustainability evaluation comes out from two forms sets:
The first one concerns the use of resources and contains the evaluation forms related to the containment of energy both in winter and summer,  domestic hot water production, drinking water consumption, natural lighting, amount of electricity from renewable energy sources, use of environmentally friendly materials and performance maintenance of building envelope. The second one monitors environmental loads impact analyzing greenhouse gases emission, solid and liquid waste produced and outdoor areas permeability.

According to the specific performance, building will get a score which can range from -1 to +5. Zero represents the standard of comparison relates to the current building system, in accordance with current laws and regulations. Upon request of property owner or of intervention executor,  building sustainability certificate is issued by an accredited external expert, which responds for certification activities, both civilly and criminally.

Itaca striscia